Aerb Cat Fountain, Cat Drinking Fountain with Switch Control Light, Pet Fountain with Super-Quiet Pump with LED Indicator, 3 Activated Carbon Filter, 2.4L






 Switch for LED Indicator: If you feel that the night light disturbs your rest, you can choose to turn off the light and the pump will still operate normally

 Ultra Quiet Pump: Maintain low noise operation, do not worry about the product will affect the quiet night

 Add water in time: prevent the pump from burning dry and extend the life of the pump; at the same time, it is healthier for pets.



★Product Parameter:

Size: 188*188*149mm

Material: PP Resin

Weight: 0.6-0.9kg

Capacity: 2.4L (80oz)

Power Supply: DC 5V 1A

Recommended pet type Cats and Medium / Small Dogs



The package contains:

  • Pet water fountain;
  • Water pump with LED
  • 3 filters
  • Adaptor
  • Flower spout
  • Stainless steel plate
  • User guide

Pet Water Fountain with LED Switch

  • B08HWGP3JG


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