• ✅Why do you need Aerb Metallic Pens? - Unlike conventional oil ink markers, metallic water-based markers with metallic shine are versatile to work on a variety of surfaces such as ceramics, glass, stone, metals, paper and even fabrics!
  • ✅Smooth flow and quick drying – Aerb acrylic pens water-based ink offers a better consistency. It is easier to dose than oil-based. The ink flows smoothly every time with no gaps or bubbles.
  • ✅ WATERPROOF CUSTOM GIFTS OF INPRECIOUS VALUE - You can be an artist when you design ceramic mugs, make wedding signage, create art on stone and perform metal work. It's fun to label wine glasses or glasses at home for organization. [Waterproof after baking or sealing]
  • ✅Vivid and rich colours – with a metallic shine, this can be used by students who need bright and shiny markings to highlight words in their notes. Acrylic pens can be used by professionals who want to make their reports more interesting.
  • ✅How to use acrylic pens? - Important! ①To avoid smudging, press the tip on a piece of scrap paper. And wait until the ink has filled the white tip. ② Give the ink enough time to dry properly. Do not touch it. ③ Wet cloth can erase the paint drawing on glass with great effort. ④ You can also try to apply a clear coating when using it on materials such as stone to seal the marker.

Metallic Pen 18 Colors(0.7mm)