PRACTICAL AND STYLISH DESIGN ▶ This lighter is made of high quality zinc alloy with a smooth surface coating and a foldable cigar stamp, which makes the lighter more sturdy and practical.

POWERFUL THREE-HEAD FLAME ▶ This three-head lighter is more powerful than single-head and double-head lighters, has a larger flame surface and faster lighting.

REFILLABLE AND ADJUSTABLE ▶ Refillable butane lighter with window for the fuel level helps to check and refill butane in time, this pocket lighter has air hole and regulator of flame on the bottom You can adjust the flame size as needed.

NO GAS CONTAINED ▶ Due to international shipping regulations, the lighter may not contain gas, please fill it up first before using it. It can be used to light cigars, candle holders, gas stoves, barbecues, camping, fireworks, etc.

PACKAGE LIST ▶ 1x storm lighter; 1 x gift box; 1x instruction manual; If you have any problems, please contact us immediately.The storm lighter that comes with a beautiful box is a good choice for birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day and other celebrations.

Aerb Windproof Three Jet Lighter