• 【Upgrade Smart Counting Chip & Ball Bearing】The smart counter can display the set weight, training time, as well as the number of hops, calories, etc. Suitable for beginners to exercise scientifically, also suitable for professional fitness personnel to adjust the exercise plan. Double probe electronic chip, counting is more accurate. High-quality built-in ball bearings ensure high-speed rotation.
  • Ergonomic Handle】Non-slip memory foam handle to ensure a firm grip. Even if you sweat in your palm during exercise, you will not easily throw the skipping rope. Protect the safety of the skipping timer and prevent damage.
  • 【Adjustable and Durable】The length of the steel wire ropes is 280cm/9.2ft, and the length can be adjusted to suit all people. If too long, you can choose to cut it; the steel wire is wrapped in PVC material, which is more durable, not easy to wear, and knot.
  • 【Advantages of Skipping Rope】Skipping rope is an aerobic exercise that burns calories and enhances metabolism. The calories burned by a 10-minute quick skipping rope are approximately equal to 20 minutes of jogging (make sure your heart rate is within the fat loss range, different body types need different training intensity). In addition, with proper strength training, it is more conducive to the plasticity of the arms, shoulders, arms, back, and abdomen, reducing excess fat.
  • 【24-month Warranty Service】 If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us. We will refund or send you new products. If you have better product optimization advice, please let us know. We are happy to optimize and improve products.

    Aerb Skipping Rope, Jump Rope for Fitness: Adjustable Speed Rope Counter and Tim