• RELIABLE RESULTS: Aerb’s professional heat mat maintains temperatures in the sweet spot of around 10℉-20℉ above ambient air temperature - perfect for seed starting and cutting propagation!
  • BUILT TO LAST: The heat mat is supple, flexible and ultra-durable, Aerb goes beyond stringent MET standards, with a fortified connection between mat and power cord, water-resistance that enables safe scrubbing.
  • PROFESSIONAL RELIABILITY: The controller maintains a stable temperature between 68-108°F (20-42°C) for professional horticultural systems; the sensor probe delivers accurate readings in both cool and warm environments.
  • ZERO-EFFORT SETUP & OPERATION: The controller comes with a manual, but you won’t need to read it! Using 3 buttons, you can set a temperature or change the display between Fahrenheit/Celsius in seconds.
  • COMPATIBILITY & SAFETY GUARANTEED: Compatible with any heat mat, Aerb is the best choice for safe and professional heat-mat regulation.

Aerb Plant Heating Mat with Digital Thermostat

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