【LED Light Design】 - Compared with other arc focus, Our candle lighter is uniquely designed with a Built-in LED flashlight which you to use even in dark places.
【360 ° Flexible Neck for Safety】 - The candle Lighter has a flexible neck (10 cm / 4 inches) made of carbon steel (durable and corrosion resistant) to protect your fingers from the flame. The 360-degree rotation design makes it easy to carry out in difficult places.
【USB Charging & LARGE CAPACITY】 - The electric lighter comes with a large capacity (350 times used after a full charge) rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 4 blue LED indicators to show the charging status in a real-time, charging variable through computers, electric batteries, or car chargers.
【Wind and water resistant】 - The plasma light can be used to illuminate even under the bathroom in weather conditions such as wind and the splash resistant design that can keep the electrical pulse of almost a little, perfect for camping and barbecues to go to the street at parties, replaces, gas barbecues, etc. is.
【WHAT YOU GET】 - If you do, it's not like our candle lighter within 30 days, please feel free to contact us and we will, within 24 hours, make a response and provide help in need. 

Aerb Candle Lighter LED con 360 ° flexible Arc Long Electric Lighter